Your health is best served by a unique treatment plan, which I will design by applying the five modalities of Chinese medicine:

1. Acupuncture 2. Chinese herbs 3. Tui na (massage) 4. Qi gong (exercise) 5. The energetics of food

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Pain Relief icon

Pain Relief

Acupuncture resolves acute and/or chronic pain by regulating the flow of your qi. In Chinese medicine, we say, “When the circulation of qi is blocked, pain arises; when the passage is open, pain disappears.”

Anxiety & Depression icon

Anxiety & Depression

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, or any psycho-emotional disharmony, acupuncture with the support of Chinese herbs can decrease the severity of your symptoms and, more importantly, address their root causes.

Women's Health icon

Women's Health

Chinese medicine addresses pre-menstrual syndrome, irregular menstrual cycles, menopause, and infertility by bringing your system back into balance. Symptoms can be minimized or completely resolved.