Frequently Asked Questions

On what days can I see you?

I see patients Mondays 10:30am – 5:30pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays 10:30am – 7:30pm, and Fridays 9:00am – 3:00pm.

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

The treatment plan we will develop together depends on certain variables: How long have you had your symptoms? Is there variability in them? If you have pain, when is the pain at its worst? Does it last a long time? Is your pain constant and chronic? Your age, overall health, other medical conditions, and use of medications also come into play.

It is important to take all of these factors into consideration when estimating the number of visits. Generally speaking, I recommend five treatments in a row. This could be twice a week for 2.5 weeks or once a week for 5 weeks. After the five treatments, we will meet to evaluate your progress to determine whether more treatments are necessary.

It is not my expectation that you come in for acupuncture for the rest of your life! Most patients do find they benefit from regular monthly “tune-up” or balancing treatments, but that is up to you.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call (206) 632-5500 and the clinic receptionist at Alliance Healing Arts will assist you.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is extremely safe when you are receiving treatments from a licensed practitioner. On your first visit, I will ask if you have a fear of needles. (I ask everyone this question, even those who have experienced acupuncture before.) I have extensive experience treating people who are not fans of needles. I use sterile, single-use, disposable needles. Read more about acupuncture needles on my What to Expect page.

Can acupuncture help with my health issue?

Acupuncture can help with most health issues. I offer a free consultation over the phone or via email so that we can discuss specifics and I can describe the benefits of treatments.

What should I wear during my treatment?

Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, what I like to call “acu-wear.” Examples are work-out gear and yoga attire. Depending on the treatment, I may need to access your back or abdomen. I will always let you know beforehand and keep you covered and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Does my insurance cover acupuncture treatments?

Many insurance plans cover acupuncture. I am currently affiliated with the following plans:
Insurance Networks

Is it okay to eat before my treatment?

I recommend a light meal prior to acupuncture.

Can I pay for my treatments with cash?

Yes. I also accept cheques and major credit cards.

Can I work out after my treatment?

I don’t recommend working out after your treatment because it can potentially unwind the progress we made during your treatment. Working out prior to your treatment is not only OK, it can be beneficial.

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