“I could not be more pleased with her as a practitioner…”

“I sought out treatment from Inger to manage symptoms related to anxiety, depression, PMS, menopause. Every session provided instant relief from my symptoms, and the cumulative effects after several sessions were significantly noticeable. Inger’s kind, gentle approach to her work is reassuring to me as a patient. I feel supported and that she is partnering with me to find solutions to current issues during each, individual session. For a period of a few weeks I had been feeling pain in my upper arm that was not related to an injury. When I discussed it with Inger she provided treatments that gave me immediate and sustained relief from the pain. While I do not have other resources to compare Inger’s practice against as this is my first experience with an acupuncturist, I could not be more pleased with her as a practitioner. I have recommended her to many people.”


age 50

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