“I truly feel that without Inger’s care I would not have become pregnant…”

“I came to SIOM in the summer of 2005 to undergo treatments for fertility. Being 40 years old, I was experiencing a little difficulty becoming pregnant. My case was assigned to Inger Johnson. Inger gave me acupuncture treatments and what I lovingly refer to as ‘Icky Herbs’ specifically chosen for where I was in my cycle. I was also diagnosed as a bit anemic, and Inger counseled me on some dietary adjustments. After three months I had my first cycle with egg-white cervical fluid, the proper fluid for conception, and I became pregnant! Inger continued to treat me through the first trimester. She gave me acupuncture to support my body and the pregnancy and also to help alleviate some of the morning sickness. I returned to Inger near the end of the pregnancy in the hopes that she could help to turn the baby from breach presentation to head down. She treated me then with acupuncture and moxa sticks. Her treatments were very helpful with the swelling and some of my symptoms of Gestational Diabetes, but we were unsuccessful in turning the baby. Even my OB/GYN and her invasive methods were unsuccessful. In June, our baby girl was delivered safely by C-section, just as perfect as she could be. I truly feel that without Inger’s care I would not have become pregnant. She also helped make my pregnancy a lot more comfortable.”


age 42

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