“She knows what is needed to keep me performing at my best…”

“For over 10 years I suffered from frequent headaches and migraines. On one particular day my migraine became so severe that I had to fiand help. I walked by Inger’s office on the off-chance that someone could assist me on the spot. Inger accepted me immediately as a new patient and took the time to discuss my issues, explain the work that she could do, show me the supplies she would use, and treat me. Inger made me feel so comfortable and safe that I did not feel light headed after my first treatment (or any treatment thereafter) — even though I have a fear of needles. I found it very surprising that after my first treatment, my migraine became less severe. Over the next several months, Inger helped my migraines disappear and got my body back on track! Her combination of acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage) were perfect. I didn’t have to go to a massage therapist…she made my life easier.

Overall, Inger understands that I live a busy and stressful life. She knows what is needed to keep me performing at my best. Inger takes the time to listen to everything happening around me and to my body so that she can thoroughly treat me. Inger helped me realize that acupuncture and tui na are essential for keeping my body balanced. Visiting Inger is one of the best life-choices I’ve made.”


age 24

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