“I cannot possibly express my gratitude or recommend her practice enough…”

“I began seeing Inger mainly for help in regulating my menstrual cycle, but at the time I was also overweight, having trouble sleeping, was experiencing difficulty with lack of motivation and depression, among other things. Her ability to really listen and observe is invaluable as a practitioner and I have always felt at ease and in the hands of someone who really cares about my well being. Through her use of acupuncture, massage, dietary recommendations and herbs she supported my body with what I needed to improve mood and motivation, lose weight, regulate my menstrual cycle and achieve pregnancy.

I continued to see Inger throughout my pregnancy which I believe was a key reason that I had a healthy pregnancy and was much more comfortable throughout than many other pregnant women I have known. Her treatments helped with morning sickness, back pain, as well as helping to start the process of labor. After delivering my healthy baby, Inger provided me with herbs for postpartum healing and I have continued to see her for the support and balance I need as a new, sleep deprived mother. Additionally, Inger has always been available for answering questions, and has generously taken the time to answer any concerns that I have had, as well as explain the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. I cannot possibly express my gratitude or recommend her practice enough!”


age 33

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