“…treatments for my carpal tunnel syndrome produced rapid results…”

“I started treatments with Inger when she was a student at SIOM and have been a patient since she started her own practice. My reasons for seeking treatment were primarily due to insomnia and carpal tunnel syndrome. I was tired of feeling like a zombie even after getting a full night’s sleep with the assistance of Ambien and concerned about getting hooked on the wretched sleeping pills I was prescribed. At first I was apprehensive about acupuncture, but after a few treatments, in addition to my sleep patterns getting more in tune, I actually started feeling better mentally and more balanced in general. Although the treatments for sleep are ongoing and in addition to acupuncture require dedication to eating right and other lifestyle changes, treatments for my carpal tunnel syndrome produced rapid results. I’ve also taken some of Inger’s advice on eating, which helps my days get started off on the right foot. I’ve found that Inger’s passion for her profession and concern for my well being have really made a positive impact on the way I feel mentally and physically, and I would encourage anyone seeking alternative forms of treatment or wanting to feel more balanced in general to give Inger a chance.”


age 34

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