“Inger is one of the most compassionate and informed practitioners I have ever met…”

“Having only undergone one treatment of acupuncture many years ago and finding it relieving, I recently met Inger and inquired about her practices. I asked if she would be able to help in any way with my chronic digestion issues as well as the stress and anxiety that came with it that I have been experiencing for most of my life. She gladly and confidently suggested I start some acupuncture work as soon as I was ready. I didn’t hesitate and what I received over the course of a year was way more than I expected.

Within a few treatments my ability to manage stress increased, my anxieties decreased, and I noticed a significant improvement in the discomfort of my lower abdominal region. Inger is one of the most compassionate and informed practitioners I have ever met. Her knowledge and experience allowed me to feel heard and safe and the results were there to prove her abilities. From cupping, meditative music, precision needling and a very intentional methodology that she implied each time I was in her care, all made for a consistently incredible experience.

There is a lot of elements to the mind and body that intertwine and can become entangled and very complex throughout our busy lives. Inger has a way of unraveling those “knots” both physically and emotionally and it helped pave the way for me to reduce my symptoms as well as become centered, re-focused, re-freshed and at peace. I truly am grateful for all she has enlightened and helped me with understanding the mind/body connection. I highly recommend her services to any of my loved ones or anyone I know looking for a healing solution.”


age 35

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