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Inger Johnson, L.Ac., EAMP

A native of the Northwest, Inger is a licensed acupuncture practitioner with over ten years of treatment experience in the state of Washington. She has a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (SIOM, 2006) and is a nationally certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a certified Chinese herbalist, and an Acupuncture Detoxification Associate. Inger is also a member of the Washington East Asian Medicine Association (WEAMA) and the American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).

Inger’s clinic, which includes an herbal pharmacy, is located in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. She uses acupuncture, Japanese meridian therapy, channel palpation, auricular therapy (ear acupuncture), scalp acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, and qi gong (exercise) recommendations in her practice. She is also proficient in reading Chinese medical journals.

“The Chinese medicine view of health is very practical and easy for everyone to apply in their everyday life. It is a privilege to pass on this 5,000-year-old tradition to my patients so that they can improve their health and well being.” ~ Inger

Inger Johnson travelling

Inger provided acupuncture treatments to the residents of BayView Retirement Community for nine years. Inger has also volunteered to treat homeless youth at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter and opioid-dependent adults at Evergreen Treatment Services.

Inger received her Chinese medical training from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. SIOM’s program is clinically based; students train in a working clinic by the third week of the program and continue for three years. The teaching practitioners must have a minimum of ten years of their own clinic experience.

Chinese medicine training emphasizes the importance of honoring one’s teachers because your teachers, far more than texts, share knowledge and experience that continually deepen your practice. The following is a list of the esteemed practitioners with whom Inger has studied:

  • Daniel Altschuler, L.Ac., EAMP
  • Mazin Al-Khafaji, D.CM., co-authored A Manual of Acupuncture
  • Gregory Bantick, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
  • Dan Bensky, D.O., L.Ac., EAMP, compiled and translated Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica and Formulas and Strategies, co-translated Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text
  • Tom Bisio, L.Ac., author of A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth, co-authored Zheng Gu Tui Na
  • Stephen Brown, L.Ac., EAMP, translated Japanese Classical Acupuncture
  • Frank Butler, L.Ac., co-authored Zheng Gu Tui Na
  • Vay-Chee Cheng, M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac., EAMP
  • Li Jin, DA.O.M., L.Ac., EAMP
  • Paul Karsten, M.Ed., L.Ac., EAMP
  • Shouchun Ma, M.T.C.M. (China), L.Ac.
  • Craig Mitchell, B.S., M.S.(TCM), L.Ac., EAMP, translated Shang Han Lun
  • Jason D. Robertson, M.S., L.Ac., EAMP, author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine
  • Volker Scheid, Ph.D., author of Chinese Medicine in Contemporary China: Plurality and Synthesis, Currents of Tradition in Chinese Medicine 1626–2006
  • Susan Scott, L.Ac., EAMP
  • Yiwen Su, M. Med. L.Ac., EAMP
  • Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D. (Yi Ren Medical Qi Gong)
  • Yun Wang, M.D. (China), M.Ac., L.Ac., EAMP
  • Bo Ping Wu, B.T.C.M. (China)
  • Kerong Xie, M.T.C.M. (China), L.Ac., EAMP
  • Liangxi Zheng, M.T.C.M. (China), L.Ac., EAMP

Inger was also trained as a classical ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet School and performed with the San Francisco Ballet company. Inger later moved back to the Northwest, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Social Science at Marylhurst University in Oregon. She was employed with the Portland Community College, where she helped implement the school’s federally funded service learning program. Inger currently resides in Seattle, WA, with her significant other, as well as Norman the cat and Mungo the dog.

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